Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct sets forth the expectations for participating in the online community offered by Teach a Kid to Fish, LLC d/b/a IME Community (“Company”) in connection with the life coaching services (the “Services”) for which you have subscribed. These expectations are intended to provide a safe and respectful online community, protect you, protect the other recipients of life coaching services offered by Company, as well as the Company and its affiliates.

By subscribing to the Services and participating in this online community, you agree to be bound by the following expectations and you acknowledge and accept that failing to uphold them will render you in breach of the Coaching Agreement, which may result in immediate suspension of the Services provided to you in addition to other remedies available to the other users of the Company’s Services and the Company.

  1. The Services may be offered to you through an online video conferencing platform. Your privacy, as well as the privacy of the other recipients of the Company’s life coaching services, is of the utmost importance.  To maintain everyone’s privacy, you agree not to produce any recording of any life coaching sessions, either with your computer or any other electronic device.

  1. The Services may be offered to you in a group setting with other recipients of the Company’s life coaching services. Their privacy is also of the utmost importance. You agree not to reveal the identities of other the other participants in group coaching sessions or any other personal details regarding the other participants or the subject matter of the discussions to any third party not participating in the group coaching sessions.

  1. You may be able to participate in online forums and message boards.  You agree not to copy, reproduce, share, or otherwise disclose any of the content or materials made available to you.

  1. The Company does not tolerate any unlawful harassment or mistreatment by or of the users of the Company’s life coaching services and the online community on the basis of sex, race, color, nationality, ethnic or national origin, ancestry, citizenship, religion, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, genetic information or characteristics, or any other category protected under applicable federal, state, and local law.  If you suspect harassment or discrimination has occurred, you are encouraged to promptly report it to the Company.

  1. The Company has devoted significant resources to developing a particular expertise regarding the subject matter of the Services and would suffer irreparable harm if the Services or contents thereof were reproduced in any format or manner.  You agree not to reproduce any of the advice, materials, or content provided to you in connection with the Services.

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