Fatphobia Quiz – Am I Fatphobic? (Some Answers May Surprise You)

Fatphobia Quiz – Am I Fatphobic? (Some Answers May Surprise You)

Take this fatbphobia quiz to answer: “Am I fatphobic?” While a few of the answers may surprise you, we can start a healthy discussion about weight.

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People’s body sizes are a very sensitive issue. Many people have strong opinions about overweight (or what our culture defines as overweight) people. Some think that heavier people are lazy, stupid, and unhealthy. They think heavier individuals look terrible or are bad people. These are all elements of fatphobia, and they’re just plain wrong. We’ll talk about why when you finish the quiz.

Welcome to your Am I Fatphobic? (A Fatphobia Quiz)

Do you fear or feel ashamed of being in public with someone larger than what our diet culture decides is an ideal weight or body type?

Do you see people heavier than you as sloppy, unmotivated, or unhealthy?

Is it brave for a heavier individual to wear tank tops, swimsuits, or leggings/yoga pants?

Should there be more size options available for clothing like suits, other professional business wear, and wedding dresses?

If you're seated on a plane or train and there is an open seat next to you, when you see a heavier person approaching, are you annoyed?

Is it kind to tell someone you've noticed that they lost weight?