From podcasts to printables, take advantage of these amazing, free resources to help inspire your total-health journey! They’re totally free, straight from the experts and created just for teens!

From podcasts to printables, take advantage of these amazing resources to help inspire your total-health journey! They’re totally free, straight from the experts and created just for teens!


Here within the IME Community we frequently have the opportunity to talk to special guests. Here are some featured rockstars I’ve had the privilege to chat with and get to know. Listen in on our conversations and learn from their experiences with these free resources available to you.


Our weight and life coaching experts believe learning should be fun! With IME Community videos, you can get all your burning questions answered with ad-free help from the best in the business. 


Get educated and motivated on the go! We know you’re busy, so we made it easy to tune in to life and weight coaching at any time. Whether you’re working out or driving to school, you can access the IME podcast from literally anywhere — making this another great free resource!


Want to get a head start on your progress? Check out these optional IME downloads and worksheets for a fun, interactive way to learn about transforming your mind and body through the power of choice!

5 Keys to Self-Acceptance

Teens, you can use these 5 key steps to get yourself on a path to fully accepting who you are. Don’t wait until you’ve reached your next goal. Love yourself now!

Let's Meet in the Middle

Parents, this piece sums up my approach to holistic weight and life coaching. Get to know my philosophy and the inspiration behind IME Community’s flexible structure.

IME CommunityRx

Doctors, IME Community is just what your teen patients need to succeed. With my extensive background, I’ve found scientifically backed methods that actually work. 


The IME Community blog is your go-to for articles that will help you feel amazing about yourself and inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle. Hear from the pros about how they’ve made it fun to get it done!

Abundant Self Love – August 2022 Mantras

Abundant Self Love – August 2022 Mantras

What does abundance mean to you?  The opposite of abundance is scarcity.  Fixed, rigid, all or nothing, living small, negative self-talk, inner critic, fear of missing out, scarcity mindset, like you’ve got this one chance and you better not blow it? I bring you a...

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