What are your top 5 reasons for eating sugar?


I’m going to teach you some sugar awareness. Sugar is everywhere and it’s super powerful. To say, “Oh, just stop eating sugar,” is absurd. It doesn’t work and it will backfire, making the sugar extra delicious and create more desire. Plus, you don’t need to stop eating sugar. That would be super boring. If someone told me to stop eating ice cream, they would probably get hurt!


The thing is because our food system is a dumping ground for processed sugar, making the food what’s called “hyper-palatable”, so super yummy. That means our bodies end up being a dumping ground for added sugar, Plus, if you’re a teen, you are exposed to tons of digital marketing tactics from food companies that research shows activate four craving pathways in the brain. Awareness is powerful. Nerdy science is powerful. 


What are the reasons you eat or drink sugar? 

How do you use sugar in your daily life? Is it for energy? When you’re bored? Habit? It’s just there? Does it simply taste good? A reward for doing something? Tired? Pleasure?  No idea? Do you eat sugar when you’re judging or shaming yourself? Peer pressure? 


Usually, when we have an urge or craving, there’s a thought that comes up that’s either a judging or shaming thought or a reward thought. So, it’s like either your negative self-talk voice comes up in your brain judging you or giving you permission, like, “Go ahead, you deserve it.” 


Sometimes when I eat sugar, my brain gets hijacked and I just keep eating it. It feels impossible to have just one or two. That happened to me recently at a family reunion. The stress of being around people and trying to manage my emotions, my brain was like, “Um, no. Those mini cupcakes are mine.” By the way, I just said to myself it makes sense and went on with my day and didn’t shame or judge myself. That’s the number one trick is to not judge yourself, but to be more aware of what’s going on with your brain and body. That’s a coaching trick called Write it down and move on. I will teach you more later. 


How can you find a sugar balance?

Start by thinking about when you usually eat sugar and why? Write down the reasons you eat sugar. Start by writing down the top 5 reasons you eat sugar. These are mine:


  1. Taste
  2. Feels like a Reward
  3. Boredom
  4. Tired
  5. It’s there and I’m stuck in a habit


Next up, I will teach you how to add up how much added sugar you’re eating on the daily. 


Be a curious scientist,   

Dr. Karla