The way you operate in your internal and external worlds always starts in the internal world of thoughts.  Your thoughts then create your feelings.  The information from your thoughts and feelings leads you to choose your behaviors.  This is the progression of how we live:


Everything starts with a thought.  The National Science Foundation found we have about 50 thoughts every minute.  That’s up to 50, 000 thought a day!   That’s a lot of thoughts!  If your mind is constantly scampering around like a squirrel on caffeine, how can you find the feelings of peace and serenity? 

Everything starts with a thought.  There are incredibly healthy thoughts like, “I want to eradicate polio.”  This led to the behavior of creating a vaccine which stopped the spinal chord motor neuron disease.  There are also incredibly unhealthy thoughts like, “Jews are bad.”  This led to the behavior of creating concentration camps and the killing millions of Jews.

The number of thoughts we have each day is staggering.  The power of these thoughts is also staggering.   Can you imagine being able to shape, control, and access the power of your thinking?  Can you imagine living with a mind that is quiet and composed?   

The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.   Thoughts, The Power of Your Mind uses the wisdom of thought leaders through the ages.  Each chapter contains a provocative quote from a philosopher, artist, author, spiritual leader, scientist, statesman, or theologian to help you train your mind to be a wonderful servant. 

With the help of this book, you are going to explore the power of your thoughts.  You will “see’ your thoughts and that will create room to work with those thoughts.  You will have the flexibility to decide whether to act on that thought or discard it and create a healthier one.  Believe it or not, you will create a life that is more centered, quiet, and peaceful.