Did you know I’m a children’s book author?  To get your signed copy, go to https://imecommunity.com/empowering-books/ and I’ll send you an extra copy to donate to a child who needs the magical message, your school library, your pediatrician’s office, community library, etc.  

It is my very favorite thing I have done in my career – writing “The Magical Everywhere!”  I was inspired to write it by one of my patients, Magical Gigi! 

We need the message of “The Magical Everywhere” now more than ever!

Did you know you are “the magical everywhere”?

Listen to me read “The Magical Everywhere” and “fly around the world with Magical Gigi on a journey to find the perfect word to describe someone like you! The book was written and illustrated to honor the life and spirit of Magical Gigi, an eternally full-of-life eight year-old girl, famous for her positivity through adversity.  

Thank you for listening and sharing!

Self-love superpower, 

Dr. Karla, ActivistMD