I talk about self-love superpower all the time, but where should you start to get there?

Self-love superpower starts with self-kindness

Self-kindness leads to self-trust that you will have your own back as you take action.  Then, when you trust yourself to be kind to yourself no matter what, you can do anything! 

Self-kindness and self-trust go together like PB&J

Do you believe you can be kind and compassionate with yourself and reach your goals and get whatever you want in life?  

I’m sure you’re saying, duh, of course.  Whatever.

Hold up.  I’m onto you.  I coach teens and know from being a human myself that it’s easy to believe this in theory, but, when it comes to taking action, especially on a goal you set for yourself, the negative self-talk, inner critic voice starts yapping away! 

Stop Listening to Your Inner Critic

Instead of listening to your inner critic, start being your inner hype person.  

Start by recognizing when you’re being hard on yourself and create a pause.  You may feel tired, not getting the results you want, or coping with overeating food.  

Thoughts create feelings which drive our action and inaction.  

You are not your inner critic voice.  You are not your thoughts.  When you feel that negative self-talk coming up, create a pause and then an opportunity to soften up and be kind to yourself.   

A Self-Love Daily Mantra

Try this daily mantra:

“I am kind to myself no matter what!”

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Self-love superpower, 

Dr. Karla, ActivistMD