We made it! 

A year of self-love superpower mantras! 

I’m excited to share that I’ve put the whole year of self-love mantras into a 12 month journal! 

Available soon!  Just email me if you would like one to gift to someone you radically love!

Let’s wrap this year up with radical self-love superpower!

Here are your December mantras:

  • 12/1: Choosing food that serves my body is a gift I give to myself.
  • 12/2: I am blessed to have the friends I have.
  • 12/3: Picking out gifts isn’t about the gift.
  • 12/4: I love thinking about the person when I pick out a gift.
  • 12/5: Self-love is created over time.
  • 12/6: I commit to showing up with self-love even when I hear my inner critic.
  • 12/7: Self-love spills over to the people I care about.
  • 12/8: I finally learned that self-love is demonstrated by actions.
  • 12/9: A big part of self-love is creating boundaries.12/10: I listen to myself and it feels good to say no sometimes.
  • 12/11: Beautiful food is a part of our holiday traditions.
  • 12/12: Self-love is about connecting with myself and others.
  • 12/13: When I feel self-love I show up as my authentic self.
  • 12/14: A part of self-love is being okay with not being everyone’s cup of tea.
  • 12/15: I show myself self-love when I carve out some alone time during the holidays.
  • 12/16: Self-love is taking a break for myself during the holiday season.
  • 12/17: Self-love is not having a checklist of expectations for myself.
  • 12/18: Self-love is being in the present moment.
  • 12/19: When the holidays don’t go exactly as I planned, I have grace for myself.
  • 12/20: Self-love is staying out of perfectionism.
  • 12/21: Self-love is a gift I intentionally give myself every day.
  • 12/22: Self-love is knowing I am always enough.
  • 12/23: When I recognize I’m in overfunction mode, self-love tells me to take a pause.
  • 12/24: Being present despite the hustle and bustle of the holidays is self-love.
  • 12/25: Today I celebrate the gifts of my life.
  • 12/26: Self-love tells me to take a rest when I need to.
  • 12/27: Taking some time to get outside and enjoy nature is self-love.
  • 12/28: Today feels like a good day to catch up with myself.
  • 12/29: I’m reflecting on all the ways I’ve shown up with self-love this year.
  • 12/30: Self-love is my superpower!
  • 12/31: I am launching into the New Year with radical self-love!


Dr. Karla