What a great theme for the February IME Community Self-Love superpower daily mantras.

February was a powerful month of mantras! We canceled diet culture, let go of the negative self-talk and learned the power of showing up for yourself!

Pick out the daily mantras that are a good fit for you, write them down, change them up if you want and post them on your bulletin board or write them in a journal.  

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The theme of March mantras goes along with March Madness (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!):

Self-Worth is an inside game!

Here’s your IME Community February Self-Love Superpower Daily Mantras:

  • 2/1 – I no longer let diet culture set food rules for my body.

  • 2/2- Giving up diet thinking is letting go of self-harm.

  • 2/3  I will take time to heal from diet culture trauma.

  • 2/4- I’m not wasting any more time imagining being thinner.

  • 2/5 – I am entitled to rage at the diet industry machine.

  • 2/6- I’m done with fighting and shaming my body.  Like right now!

  • 2/7- I can befriend the mean girl in my head.

  • 2/8- My pursuit of thinness is really a pursuit for society’s thin privilege and is a big waste of my magical life!

  • 2/9- I’m ready to show up for myself when no one is looking.

  • 2/10- The truth of my own body’s story is beautiful.

  • 2/11- The truth is I love taking risk.  I eat risk for breakfast!

  • 2/12- I believe I can be kind and compassionate with myself and achieve my goals!

  • 2/13- I am ready to block anyone who weight bullies me!

  • 2/14- When I compare my body to someone else’s body, it’s a micro-aggression against myself. 

  • 2/15- Time is too precious to waste beating myself up and wishing I was different.

  • 2/16- I can’t hate myself and reach any goal!

  • 2/17- My habits are 100% based on cues in my environment.

  • 2/18- I don’t waste my time rationalizing the behavior of weight bullies!

  • 2/19- I can write a letter to break up with diet culture and create my own weight neutral definition of health. 

  • 2/20- My body, my face, my soul is my beauty standard!

  • 2/21- I recognize when I’m judging and shaming others, I’m judging and shaming myself.

  • 2/22- I can drop my pursuit of thin privilege like a book and live my fun life!

  • 2/23- When I give up diet thinking and fully love and accept myself now, I am well on my way to my health goals.

  • 2/24- I can navigate weight bias at the doctor.  I am not powerless.

  • 2/25- Instead of “what I eat in a day”, I’m going to focus on “what music I listen to in a day”.

  • 2/26- When someone thinks they can silence me, I get louder.

  • 2/27- I always speak my truth.

  • 2/28- No matter what’s happening in the world, it’s okay if I feel happy.

See you in IME Community!

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Self-love superpower, 

Dr. Karla, ActivistMD