Welcome to what I believe is the most important and foundational principle you will learn when it comes to life coaching, reaching goals, and chasing your dreams.  

CoachU Monday

First, what I’m going to teach you isn’t anything new. Psychologists, philosophers, scientists, religious leaders, have known and taught this through the ages and that is, drumroll please, your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create your actions or behaviors.  There you go!  We’re done.  No. It’s not as simple as just knowing that your thoughts create your reality or that your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings or emotions are what move you to action or inaction to either make yourself feel or not feel a certain way.

Thoughts Anyone Tuesday

So, what are thoughts?  

A Rainbow that comes and goes, a sentence in your mind, a cloud going by. They’re really like vapor.  Our brains offer up thousands and thousands of thoughts a day.  Some thoughts are interesting.  Some thoughts are wacky.  Some are sad. Some are neutral.  We are not our thoughts.  I think that’s a huge relief because sometimes I’m like, that’s just nonsense.  Good thing I know I’m not my thoughts.  

Thoughts create your feelings. Thoughts can be triggered by circumstances.  

Your current thinking creates your current results.  Your current thoughts create your current reality!

Beliefs are powerful thoughts Wednesday

So, where do we start?  First, let’s start with a problem.  Maybe you have a problem with a relationship in your life, or something going on at school, or your weight isn’t where you want it to be, or you’re stuck in procrastination or get overwhelmed with self-doubt and perfectionism.  Maybe, you just want to start feeling better?  Maybe you have a seemingly impossible goal you really want to achieve that feels like a mountain and you don’t think you have the equipment or what it takes to get you to the top.  What I’m going to teach you is that the only thing in your way is your thoughts.  And, it’s not really your thoughts as much as it is lack of awareness of the thoughts that create whatever feeling you are having or the problem is you are so attached to the thought that it’s almost like a belief coming up for you.

All together now Thursday

Let’s talk about circumstances, thoughts and feelings.  It’s a helpful way to organize our mind and to create self-awareness so that you can see how It’s so cool to become a powerful observer of your mind.  Just be curious.  Don’t worry if this sounds like we’re thinking about thinking.  That is pretty much what we’re doing.  Just having awareness of thoughts and not judging them, but being a curious observer of your amazing mind is so powerful.  

How do you want to feel Friday

So, what about feelings?  This is so important!  Feelings and emotions are everything.  It’s our human experience.  

Thoughts create our feelings, which are just a vibration in our body.  

You can decide how you want to feel and then choose a thought on purpose that creates that feeling! How cool is that? 

Believing on purpose Saturday

We are not our thoughts. Like I said, most of our thoughts are just programmed or unconscious. You can also create deliberate thoughts, that are choices.  It’s not like a quick switch.  We have to program that thought in our brain and into our life with repetition. You are creating a new neural pathway.  It’s called mental rehearsal, practicing believing a new thought on purpose. 

What’s a belief?  It’s a powerful thought, that is on a loop that we choose to be true.  Maybe, your beliefs serve you and you are going to hold onto them.  

Put it on the Result line Sunday

Notice what you’re thinking. We don’t have awareness of our thoughts usually.  We are attached to the thoughts, and not questioning them. We don’t realize that we are not our thoughts.  Again, thoughts are a rainbow that come and go. We are not our thoughts.  Thoughts are optional.  

You can’t just start a new thought, but having awareness of the thoughts or thought that is coming up creating your feeling, actions, and your results, helps you to start shifting to on purpose creating thoughts that create the result you want.  Learning to be aware and then let go takes practice and starts with just recognizing, then pausing, allowing any feelings or emotions that are coming up for you.  

Notice how that thinking creates your feelings, actions, and results.

Once you truly understand that it’s your thinking causing all the rest, decide to change.

Decide what you want your new result to be.

What will you need to do, feel, and think to create the result?

Try this on as a new thought to create your new results:  I create a positive body image with my thoughts. A positive body image is always available to me.  

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