Dr. Karla Lester was recently quoted in a Newseek article titled What Is an Almond Mom? Yolanda Hadid’s TikTok Sparks Diet Culture Convo.

Dr. Lester told Newsweek: “What diet culture teaches us is that people say they’re pursuing health or wellness, but actually, they’re pursuing thin privilege. It’s all based on fatphobia and internalized bias.”

Here’s Dr. Lester addressing the almond mom topic on her TikTok channel:

@imecommunity #Inverted Almond Moms are addicted to the pursuit of thin privilege and get a dopamine hit by subsuming their child in their disordered eating. The child’s weight is completely irrelevant. #almondmoms #yolandahadidflop #narcissisticparents #pediatriciansoftiktok #lifeandweightcoach #obesitydoctor ♬ original sound – Dr. Karla

Self-love superpower,

Dr. Karla